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GTA IV - Radio

Radio Das Radio war schon immer ein wichtiger Bestandteil von Grand Theft Auto, den es in keinem anderen Spiel in der Weise gibt. Viel ist zu den Radiosendern in GTA IV noch nicht bekannt, lediglich dass es einen russischen Radiosender geben wird, und ein paar Gerüchten um New Yorker Bands und Sänger, die von Rockstar Games kontaktiert wurden. Dazu gehört die New Yorker Band Breakdown, der Sänger Kurgan Merrick und die ukrainische Sängerin Ruslana, die 2004 den Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul gewann. Die einzige Band, die mit sehr grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit im Radio zu hören sein wird ist The Boggs mit dem Song Arm in Arm, der als Hintergrund für den zweiten Trailer diente.
Was jedoch klar ist, ist dass es definitiv wieder einen Talk Radio sender geben wird - WKTT Radio. Diesmal hat sich Rockstar Games etwas neues ausgedacht - jeder der Lust hat, kann die auf der Webseite angegebene Telefonnummer anrufen, und sich über alles beschweren, was ihm an der Welt, Amerika oder ihm selber nicht passt. Die besten Anrufe werden dann wohl ausgewählt werden und im Spiel erscheinen. Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack darauf gab es vor einigen Wochen…

"Politicians may demand illegal aliens leave the country, but I want a Mexican gardener I can ogle! El Comercio Roboto! He can mow the lawn, if you know what I mean! Comes with six different attachments!"

"Its a half robot, half radioactive plant destined to take over the world. Only one 15-year-old school girl can stop it… by sleeping with it [Japanese]. Princess Robot Bubblegum and the horny radioactive plant, in all good manga stores soon!"

"Simon and Nigel have long dominated the art world in Europe, and now theres an incredibly retrospective. Back in the 1970s they proved that owls were sexual, by having sex with them. Then in 1987 they went wild in America with their coffee table art book called The Anorexic Gimp in Wonderland. Its been none stop incongruity since! Now these middle-aged twin transsexuals are photographing themselves re-enacting famous atrocities from history dressed as gorillas! Once you see Hitler portrayed as a gorilla, it'll explain the war in a way you never imagined. It is truly shocking!"

"Are you ready to live the real estate dream? Whether youre new on the market or an old hack well take your dream to the limits of prestige in a spacious loft or an outstanding penthouse! Its a 500-square ft glass-coated box in the sky! With windows that wont open and a doorman that masturbates in your bed while youre at work! Only three million dollars! Only three blocks from the ghetto! Apply now!"

"What kind of loser journalist are you?!" "You know, you make me shiver the way you look at me, like I shiver in the bath looking down at the urinal, and I say man thats a lot of mens hair, and then I say Maurice, you are a fat ball of testosterone - you are massive!" "Eww!" "Is it just me or is it just this angle?! What was she talking about? My little boy got the job done! But you know what? Im drifting. The fact remains they are the same thing; for the working man, too much work. For the fat cat, and in your case a very thin and sexless, nicotine-stained cat, too many regulations. The working man wants spare time, spare money…"

"Sometimes the family wants that Italian taste without those tiny Italian portions, thats why you should come to El Dentes - all the mama mia you can eat! Its Italian food like youll never get in Italy. Thats because its an American theme restaurant! So the portions are huge, and the food tasteless and unhealthy. Weve got a special linguini with Cheesy Poof sauce!"

"Hey, when youre at El Dentes everyones like family! A hyper, macho, food-obsessed, alcoholic family just like min!" "El Dentes - weve got more of what you love and less of what you dont. Like more calories and fat, and a lot less taste and nutrients! Thats why its El Dentes! All the mama mia you can eat!"
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